First United Methodist Church, Conroe, Texas
Saturday, August 29, 2015
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Local Assistance

Local Assistance Ministries and Projects are offered to support people in our community in ways that serve specific needs of our members as well as other people who are in need.  Each of these Ministries and Projects is in need of people who feel called and are ready to serve.
Helping Hands
Join an e-mail distribution list with people willing to serve others who have various needs of repair and rehab on their homes.  As requests are received for assistance, you will be contacted based on how you have identified your level of comfort with construction projects as wee as your available.
Register to receive e-mails of the opportunity as projects are needed.  Contact Paul Rogerson.

Wheels of Love Wagons
Wheels of Love assists special needs children and their families by providing modified wagons to help in transporting the child and necessary equipment in a safe and efficient manner.  This service is provided at no cost to any family with a child with needs.  Each wagon is designed with consideration for the specific needs of the family.  Rich Stanton, coordinator
You can sign up to:
  • Help the team leader assemble the wagons
  • Help the team leader deliver the wagons to the recipients